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for relaxed couples who love romance and keeping it real ...

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I’ve been excited about sharing this wedding with you as soon as I stepped foot on the farm. Jen seriously downplayed her style and vision and so I had no idea how beautiful this day was ACTUALLY going to be. My heart fluttered all day as I walked around the grounds of Fat Cat. The […]

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After a short flight and a long drive, my mom and I pulled into the driveway of the cutest little [ok, big] house. I could feel my heartbeat rise as the gravel crackled beneath the tires. “Let’s take a picture!” “Later, mom.” My sweet long time friend would be getting married in two days and […]

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As an only child, people always ask me, “Do you miss having siblings?” And I look at them puzzled because how can you miss something you’ve never had? But then I think about the few girls in my life who have been there with me and for me. Whether that means we fought together, cried […]

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I’m waiting for the “drywall guy” to come and patch up a hole we put in the wall. Not an “oops” type hole, but a big square hole where the ironing board used to be. We took it out, even though it was very Leave it to Beaver and charming, because I just don’t need […]

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“I’m channeling Kate Middleton,” said Jen as we walked in to the music room at Blessed Sacrament in downtown Harrisonburg. I believed her. Because at that moment, it was pouring rain. Thundering. But Jen was all smiles. Probably because she was getting married to her boyfriend and best friend of 9 years. Yes. That must […]

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Jen and Josh’s wedding will make it’s appearance later this week, until then, feast your eyes on this!

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