for the relaxed couples who love romance and keeping it real...






for relaxed couples who love romance and keeping it real ...

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I’ve been wanting to photograph these two for years now. They share my love of the ocean, so when we set up the shoot, we had to include that. I’m so glad we shot down by the shore in Norfolk. Helen and Thomas have such a laid back attitude, keeping things mellow. I’m glad these […]

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As we packed up for year 3, putting our things in piles and running around our house turning off appliances and unplugging electronics, I checked my email one last time. I was heading to the beach with my husband and knew I wouldn’t be checking my email a ton, so I figured – one more […]

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“We’re having spaghetti for dinner,” said my mom as we arrived at the beach. “YES! I love spaghetti!” shouted Mattison. But I already knew that. I was there on her first birthday where Mattison sat in her high chair as we fed her her favorite meal. She had sauce everywhere. The shirtless baby girl was […]

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Man, I could use a Pina Colada. Little bit of sun on my skin. A hammock, a book–never gonna look back once my feet hit the sand… Hey Friends! I’m headed out today for a short week of family vacation! I’ll be gone Friday-Wednesday, but I’m taking the week off of blogging! I’m so excited to squish […]

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Chad got home at 4. “Are you ready?” I had my retainer in still… “Give me 10 minutes.” I was trying to get a blog post done, but I put it off until Monday. I packed a suitcase with both my clothes and his [one of the benefits of being married…one bag!] . We hopped […]

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Chad and I loved our family vacation last week. It was so amazing to have no responsibility and hang out by the pool, in the sand, in the water. But one thing we both seemed to feel was the lack of rest. We both felt more exhausted at the end of the week that we […]

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