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for relaxed couples who love romance and keeping it real ...

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I’m so thrilled to be blogging this wedding. I’ve been looking forward to photographing these two since they emailed me. I knew Doug in college, and when I met Katie, I was all… we HAVE to be friends. I’ve never met two more steady and trusting people. We all know wedding days always have something […]

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I won’t go on and on about how much I love the beach, but I can’t lie – it is my happy place. When Katie and Justin contacted me about their destination wedding in the Outer Banks, I flipped. I begged God for this wedding. Well, the day finally came to make the trek down […]

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“Leave it.” I’m thrilled to share this wedding with you on Thursday – it’s going to be an epic moment because it was my first real beach wedding! Hopefully, the first of many! Katie and Justin had a beautiful day – a sunny morning, nice cloud coverage so it wasn’t so SO hot, and a […]

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