for the relaxed couples who love romance and keeping it real...






for relaxed couples who love romance and keeping it real ...

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A couple of weekends ago I spent some time with David and Taryn in DC for their engagement session! After a rogue frost delayed the peak bloom of the cherry blossoms, this sweet couple drove around DC looking for other options for our shoot. Taryn’s dad works in the city, and he deserves a shout […]

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Katie and Doug met me in Richmond for a sunrise session at Belle Isle. It was the first of a series of warm days, but sunrise was still a little cold. But I like a little cold as it encourages cuddling. I was hoping to have rocks to shoot on, but you know? 4 days […]

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They are a smart and handsome couple. They are kind and outgoing. These two are going to make an amazing married team, and I’m so excited to get to photograph their wedding next August! We started this session at the capitol right as the sun was rising. I’ve started to suggest sunrise sessions more and […]

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I don’t know if I’ve felt more honored than when Rachael asked me to be her photographer. Because Rachael herself is a great one – we went to CDIA together, and she has second shot for me several times. Rachael and Brad announced their engagement late November last year, and when they booked, they hesitantly […]

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