for the relaxed couples who love romance and keeping it real...






for relaxed couples who love romance and keeping it real ...

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I’m so full from last week. Full of information, joy, encouragement…beach time… Last week I attended United, a photographer’s conference that took place in Santa Barbara, CA and I’m finding it so hard to find the right words to go with the feelings and photos from that trip. Words like, “Amazing! Wonderful! Awesome!” are words […]

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I sat at a photographer’s meeting a few months ago with my jaw hanging on the ground. Visibly and internally so stoked about a computer program that I was almost embarrassed. But not quite. Before I get going on why I’m so excited, let me first introduce a new part of my workflow… Have you […]

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Many of you know that I just rebranded a few months ago. It’s a beautiful site and I had an amazing designer. I wanted to share with you the “back end” of my site. I didn’t blog yesterday because I was having difficulties with my website. You wouldn’t have known it because it had everything […]

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