for the relaxed couples who love romance and keeping it real...






for relaxed couples who love romance and keeping it real ...

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It was all girls in the studio this month. I help a few studio sessions and had some amazing women join me! We started each of their sessions with make-up from Emily Hudspeth, and she made the girls look beautiful before they jumped on set. Thanks to these women who spent a few hours with […]

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I never thought I’d be a school photographer. My memories of school photographers are cloudy. I hated sitting on that box, hoping I didn’t blink while I stare nervously into the camera lens. One shot. The same set up for each kid, unless you requested a colored gel over the lights. And the results? NEVER […]

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And I’m gonna love you like nobody loves you I’ll earn your trust making memories of us. ~ Keith Urban Images © 2012 Laura Gordon Photography

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I LOVE THESE PEOPLE! I went to college with Tim and remember when he got engaged to Tori. After stalking their wedding photos, I couldn’t believe her BRIGHT blue eyes. I got to know both of them a lot better when they took me in for three weeks during my internship with Casey Templeton Photography. […]

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Most people would describe me as relaxed. A pretty calm easy going person. But, although I can take lots of stress, I’m actually a rule follower. I just love rules. I find them super freeing in some ways. They help me get through life. And I’m pretty similar when it comes to photography. There are […]

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I really can’t wait to introduce you to these two. Ehem. Three… Hayden made it into 75% of my pictures accidently. OHH puppies…

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