for the relaxed couples who love romance and keeping it real...






for relaxed couples who love romance and keeping it real ...

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I love Kristen Finn. Like, a lot. I met her about two years ago at CDIA. Kristen has a love for good design and food; two things she photographs with PASSION. And I think that is one thing she and I have in common, and why I love second shooting with her. She loves the […]

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I know that my beautiful citrus delectables are “in season” in the winter. Whateves. No one sits down to a chilled cutting board of freshly picked citrus to escort their hot chocolate in front of the Christmas tree. Ok. Sometimes my mom cut me an orange or two. But what better beach snack than a […]

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I got a call, of course from a former housemate, “Candace is dating someone!” They met kind of forcefully. Michael came up and inserted himself in a conversation because he thought Candace was cute. Luckily, the feelings were mutual. Because all four housemates live all over the place, we saw Candace’s romance grow on facebook. […]

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