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for relaxed couples who love romance and keeping it real ...

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This past week was pretty annoying when it came to reliable internet. We have Comcast [and I really could just stop right there] and our internet has been so shaky. Blog posts haven’t gone up, emails have been ignored. 3G has been abused. It’s been crazy and we’re probably going to switch to FIOS soon […]

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I was talking with a friend about how a ton of my posts include weather reports. I’ll start a blog post and explain the cloud coverage or the wind or the sun – how beautiful the day was, is, or is going to be. Probably something most people already know or may not care about. […]

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It’s been about a month since we moved. I can’t believe it! None of my inside of my house is blog worthy right now, but we’re working on it. So, I thought I’d share the outside of our house! I never thought I’d ever own a ranch. I wanted a cute colonial or something that […]

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It’s been a crazy few months, and I just shot my second to last wedding this year and I have a huge break until my last one. During the downtime I have a list of things I want to accomplish, so “down time” shouldn’t be the words I use to describe it. One of the […]

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