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for relaxed couples who love romance and keeping it real ...

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I’ve always LOVED appetizers. First of all, appetizers are the perfect size. Small enough to leave you wanting more, large enough to fill you. Second, they’re usually a little more creative than the main dish – in presentation and flavors. In the same ways, opening bands tend to also be my favorite. A small set, […]

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There is something about a life soundtrack. A list of music you can play and it defines the way you want to carry yourself based on the melody, lyrics and instruments and the way all that is put together. When I’m at the ocean, I’m in my happy place and there are a number of […]

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This past weekend we went to a concert – The Storyteller’s Concert with Andrew Peterson and Jason Gray. Chad and I LOVE Andrew Peterson. He is one of the best songwriters in music. Every song is a story, so every song just sucks you in, whether or not you’ve heard it before. I have to […]

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I grew up listing to a lot of music. My mom was a classical guitar major who loved everything from Andres Segovia to Peter, Paul & Mary. My dad was “friends” with everyone. He could rock to the Rolling Stones and sway to the soulful sounds of Al Green. The first concert I can remember […]

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