for the relaxed couples who love romance and keeping it real...






for relaxed couples who love romance and keeping it real ...

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FEEL SAFE! NO PHOTOS OF MY FEET… For the next few days, I’ll be laid up on a couch, foot elevated and iced, watching various movies and “scooching” around the house for food and bathroom breaks workouts. Why? Well, yesterday was a big day. I mentioned in a blog post last year that I’d been […]

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There are only a few places that I go that I feel the need to stay a long time. I’m a quick decision maker, but when it comes to the farmer’s market, no matter what is in my reusable grocery bag, I still can walk in circles. I’ve never left without feeling like I was […]

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I grew up in a home where we bought brand name food items. Not because we’re food snobs, but it was just our habit. Once I started shopping for myself, I realized I could buy store brand and save 20 cents here and there. Great Value canned corn really does taste the same as the […]

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I know that my beautiful citrus delectables are “in season” in the winter. Whateves. No one sits down to a chilled cutting board of freshly picked citrus to escort their hot chocolate in front of the Christmas tree. Ok. Sometimes my mom cut me an orange or two. But what better beach snack than a […]

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