for the relaxed couples who love romance and keeping it real...






for relaxed couples who love romance and keeping it real ...

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I’ve known Erica since she was little. But I guess I was little too because we’re only a few years apart. I was best friends with her sister and once we got our license to drive, us three girls drove countless trips out to the barn. I would try to give her advice like, “Senior […]

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I really can’t wait to introduce you to these two. Ehem. Three… Hayden made it into 75% of my pictures accidently. OHH puppies…

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A few months ago, I posted about a luncheon that I attended. [Click to read about Broken to Beautiful.] I auctioned off a portrait session with one Fine Art Print and a DVD of images. I heard, as they announced the winners of the 100 some items, that a girl named Ali had won my […]

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I received a semi-frantic Facebook message from Jen.  Phyl, her 14 year old Warmblood mare would be leaving her on Sunday.  Jen has had Phyl since high school [she is now 3.5 years out of college].  Phyl went to Virginia Tech with Jen, to Georgia after graduation, and now to Wilmington. But on Sunday, Phyl […]

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