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for relaxed couples who love romance and keeping it real ...

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It was the first really cold day in Richmond, but Amanda and Daniel were up for anything! The only requirement they had were split rail fences. Our sweet spot was somewhere between Richmond and Roanoke, but we landed on this cute little historic location in Richmond, Totopotomoy Creek! Even when it started raining, we just […]

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In college, I was on a leadership team. One of the “rules” was that you weren’t allowed to speak in absolutes. We couldn’t use phrases like, “you always…” or “We never…” Really, its a small form of lying. I try to stick by that in life, but when it comes to my clients, I find […]

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I’m just now getting my stuff together after a crazy wedding weekend. However, instead of photographing the wedding, I was IN the wedding as a bridesmaid! More on that later. Now, I’m back, trying to get organized, and the first order of business is that I show you this super cute engagement session. Each time […]

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Kate has given my name to a ton of her friends, so I’ve seen her at a lot of weddings and so they know what it’s like to be guests at weddings where I’m the photographer. But I was so excited to hear that it was their turn. Their turn to be the focus and […]

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I cradled a glass mug of the remaining decaf in my hands to warm them up. I’d been photographing a bridal party performance of “psycho killer” by the Talking Heads, and by the end, they were frozen around my camera, so I took a rare brake. I stood next to Bill’s mom and she leaned over […]

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It seems I’m on a kick with these horsey posts.  I think it’s because I keep dreaming about horses.  Just riding them.  And loving it.  In my dreams, I ride horses that are perfect.  They do what I want, listening to the slightest pressure of my calf and the tug of the rein.  And, I […]

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