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for relaxed couples who love romance and keeping it real ...

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Before Morgan’s Richmond, VA wedding, we met earlier in the year at the VMFA for her bridal portraits! It’s always so sweet to get this extra time with the bride and her family. Morgan slipped into her dress and everyone in the museum stared in admiration [especially the little girls!] as we made our way […]

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This session is the very reason why I love bridal portraits.┬áKristen is the definition of modern classic beauty. These photos make her look like a movie star, but she has a┬ástyle and way about her would make any Hollywood starlet jealous. Kristen chose Monumental Church for her bridals because, well, just look at these photos. […]

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I arrived early to get set up and start the Frank Sinatra Pandora Station. I wanted to set the mood for this “Old Hollywood” influenced shoot. Whitney’s wedding was one of my favorites from this year and I was so excited when she opted to use her engagement session for a bridal session after the […]

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Before I share Mary and Peter’s wedding, I have to share her bridal session. When Mary said she wanted to have her session at a restaurant, I wasn’t sure how it would go – like, with booths and tables and a bar in the background? No. Upon arrival, I saw BEAUTIFUL urban balconies and plenty […]

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Rebekah is a dear friend, a photographer, and newly wed. We went to JMU and shortly after, CDIA together. She keeps me balanced in a way. As a beautiful woman of God, she is always speaking truth and words of encouragement to me. She’d asked me to shoot a trash the dress with her, and […]

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I found myself putting down my phone [aka GPS] and guessing that this picturesque grey stone farm house was where I was supposed to be. I knew I was right when I saw this beautiful blonde fly out the front door all done up to the nines. We started the afternoon with a tour around […]

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