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for relaxed couples who love romance and keeping it real ...

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I’m dedicating this TBT to my sweet husband. I love him so much [and wasn’t he a cute kiddo?!]. Today is his 25th birthday! I’m so thankful God gave me a man with a birthday that is easy to remember: 8.8.88. I am notoriously bad at remembering birthdays – ask my friends. Anyway, I’m so […]

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I can already vote. I can drink. I can rent a hotel room and a car. I can buy cigarettes. I pretty much have reached all of those awesome milestones where birthdays matter. So I googled 27. What is significant about this number? Wikipedia has a ton of references, but here are my favorites. There […]

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Since I was…born, I’ve had the hardest time shopping for birthday presents for boys. Whether it’s for my dad, my boy cousins, high school boyfriends, or now, my husband, I am so bad at this. I can’t get away with painting dad a picture with finger paints anymore, or writing my name on the card […]

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I’M 26 YEARS OLD NOW! Well, since Sunday. I was thinking about this birthday as my own little new year. What do I want to accomplish? What am I thankful for? I celebrated with my mom and dad, Chad, and of course, with food. 26 is a year where, nothing really changes. Since I was […]

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It sounds silly. Maybe not silly. Depressing? Maybe. But not really. One year ago almost to the day, Grandma Flowers said, “Have you heard? We’re going on a cruise! It’s my funeral celebration!” We let out a quick laugh in amusement and disbelief. A cruise? The whole family? But you’re alive? Yes. All of the […]

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Last Friday, my friend J and I were talking about boys. Our husbands, to be specific. What do you get for a 20 something old boy’s birthday who doesn’t want anything? I need specifics. Like, “Socks.” That is what is expected in my Christmas stocking because I am in dire need of new little white […]

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