for the relaxed couples who love romance and keeping it real...






for relaxed couples who love romance and keeping it real ...

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I remember the first time I walked into Katie and Allen’s home. It was like I had stepped into a Southern Living magazine. Not only because of how it was decorated, but because of how hospitable they were – asking me if I wanted a drink or if I needed anything. We sort of knew […]

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Over the past couple of years, I have gotten to know Anna as a fellow photographer and now as a friend. One of my best friends. We’d been talking for over a year about vacationing together – even introduced our husbands to see if they got along – and we finally made it happen! We […]

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I’ve been wanting to photograph these two for years now. They share my love of the ocean, so when we set up the shoot, we had to include that. I’m so glad we shot down by the shore in Norfolk. Helen and Thomas have such a laid back attitude, keeping things mellow. I’m glad these […]

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Chad told me yesterday that it had been a month since we were in NYC. Shaking my head and smiling, I knew we were thinking the same thing. That trip will go down as one of our favorites. And honestly, for one particular reason. It was good for us. There are plenty of really great […]

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