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Marriage Monday | Stubborn

Marriage Monday, Personal

September 10, 2012

  1. Anna Klapp says:

    I loved reading this story! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Cathy Williamson says:

    What an incredibly precious story! I had no idea. You’re the best! And doesn’t your father-in-law look like his dad? I’ve never seen that picture before. Can’t wait to show it to Mike!

  3. Cathy Williamson says:

    Oh, now I see it’s Sharon’s dad. Silly of me. Still the greatest story! He was such a dear man, and Chad loved him dearly. Such a treasure of a keepsake from a wonderful progenitor. We have a flagstone he made so meticulously. I love it even though, like you, I knew him so little. Yet look at his legacy!

  4. Kara says:

    AL!!! I LOVE this. You are such an amazing woman. I really enjoy the time we spent together this weekend. You are such a sweetheart, who is incredibly thoughtful and kind. Plus, you’re kind of an amazing photographer too, so there’s that. 😉 You out in the rain doing your thing…AWESOME!!! So excited to see Diana’s pics!!!! Just edit out any of the unfortunate ones of me please. 😉 hahaha

  5. Love reading your stories. Wow, what amazing story. This is a true act of love and determination. What a special thing to do for someone you care about. Your children will have a wonderful love story to read about one day.

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